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      2. Securities Business
        Products and Services

        Security Brokerage

        Investment Banking

        Asset Management

        Fixed Income

        Bond Financing

        Margin Trading and Securities Lending

        Research and Consultancy

        Futures IB

        Service Providers

        Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd.

        Brokerage Offices of Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd.

        Dongxing Securities Investment Co., Ltd.

        Dongxing Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd...

        COAMC Group Members
        Research and Consultancy

        Our researchers usually have a background in both their researching industries and economics. Our research covers macro-economy, investment strategies, industries and listed companies, financial derivatives, quantitative investment. After three years in the seller research service market, the research institute is gradually accepted by the market and formed our own characteristics through strong basic research and high quality introduction. At present, the company has set up 53 research chairs in public fund companies, and 20 of them have ranked in Top 20 in public fund companies. With the strengthening of its research, the market influence of the research institute has grown. It was awarded the fifth place in the ninth Best SME Research Team and the third place in the Most Promising Research Institute by New Fortune in 2011; the nominee prize in the Best SME Research Team by New Fortune in 2012; the nominee prize in the Best SME Research Team and the second place in the Most Promising Research Institute by New Fortune in 2013; the second place in New Energy Industry and nominee prize in Food and Drinks Industry by Crystal Ball in 2012; the third place in the New Energy Industry private list, nominee prize in the New Energy Industry public list and nominee prize in Power Equipment Industry in 2013. Its distinctive research style is widely recognized and welcomed by institutional investors.