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      2. Futures Business
        Products and Services

        Security Brokerage

        Investment Banking

        Asset Management

        Fixed Income

        Bond Financing

        Margin Trading and Securities Lending

        Research and Consultancy

        Futures IB

        Service Providers

        Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd.

        Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Fuzhou Brokerage Office

        Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Yantai Brokerage Office

        Dongxing Futures Co., Ltd. Taiyuan Brokerage Of...

        COAMC Group Members
        Asset Management
        The company is committed to developing private, aggregate and single-project asset management business, and has formed an extensive asset management product line. Aggregate projects include a variety of product forms, such as stock-oriented, quantitative hedging-oriented, bond-oriented, fund of funds-oriented, currency-oriented, short-term financial products-oriented, OTC fixed income investment-oriented; private projects cover an even wider investment scope, including stock, bond, fund, collateralized repo investment in open market and all kinds of private investment and financing financial products. It has established extensive business links with financial institutions like banks, trust companies, insurance companies and fund companies and various enterprises, and it will provide more comprehensive investment and financing intermediary services to customers through more active product and service innovation.