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      2. Bank
        Company Business

        Deposit and loan of company client

        Bill business

        Investment bank

        International settlement

        Trade financing

        Cash management

        Small and micro finance

        Retail Business

        Savings Deposit

        Bank Card

        Personal Consumption and Business Loans

        Private Bank

        Wealth Management

        Electronic Banking

        Financial Market Business

        Interbank Deposit and Lending

        Bond Investment

        Bond Repurchase

        Market Overt

        Treasury Cash

        Bill Transfer Discount and Rediscount

        Non-standard Investment

        Financial Information Management

        Service Organization

        Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

        Branches of Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

        COAMC Group Members
        Electronic Banking

        Our electronic banking products include personal e-bank, Mobile Banking, WeChat Bank, Internet Payment, enterprise online banking and small business online banking, covering the mainstream electronic banking scope of the industry.

        Our personal e-bank and mobile banking provide functions of account inquiry, remittance, credit card, self-service payment, investment and financing for customers, basically covering all non cash services.

        Our WeChat bank provides services of balance inquiry and detail query through binding contract accounts as well as provides convenient financial purchase and payment functions for mobile banking customers.

        Our Internet payment platform currently has been connected to payment platforms such as Alipay quick payment (debit card and credit card), WeChat Payment(debit card and credit card) and Jingdong chinabank (debit card).

        Our enterprise online banking provides inquiry service, transfer service, payroll agency, cash sweep, electronic commercial bills, bank reconciliations and electronic receipt query and printing for customers.

        Our small business online banking fully integrates functions of personal e-bank and enterprise online banking. Daily financial demands of SME customers can be fulfilled from one logon, realizing centralized management of public and private accounts.

        Bank of Dalian Co., Ltd.

        Customer service telephone: 4006640099