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      2. International Business
        Investment Business

        Investment Business of Dong Yin Holdings

        Investment Business of COAMC International

        Asset Management

        Asset Management of Dong Yin Holdings

        Asset Management of COAMC International

        Service Providers

        Dong Yin Development (Holding) Limited

        Dong Yin Industrial (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

        China Orient Asset Management (International) H...

        China Orient International Asset Management Co....

        China Orient International Capital Limited

        China Orient Asset Management Corporation (China)

        Shenzhen Orient Investment Co., Ltd.

        COAMC Group Members
        Asset Management of COAMC International

        At present, COAMC International is approved a RQFII by CSRC and a quota of RMB 1 billion by SAFE, which enables it to link businesses in mainland and Hong Kong.

        COAMC International invests in primary and secondary markets through setting up fundraising and managing third-party funds (professional investors like listed companies and financial institutions).

        Now COAMC International has successfully established and managed four fixed income and equity investment funds, including RMB, Hong Kong dollar and U.S. dollar funds, and has achieved steady and good return: