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      2. Corporate Responsibility
        COAMC Group Members
        Dongxing Securities Donated 2 Million Yuan to Fuzhou University

        In June 10, Dongxing Securities made a donation of RMB two million to Fuzhou University and Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. At the signing ceremony of Dongxing’s donation to the two universities, Deputy Secretary of the Government of Fujian Province Zhang Jinzhu delivered his remarks, gave his thanks to Dongxing Securities’ support for Fujian’s education, and encouraged people from all walks of life to contribute to the development of education with more actions. Deputy Party Secretary and President of Dongxing Securities Wei Qinghua said during his speech that as a responsible state-owned securities company, Dongxing, while making sizable contributions to the nation’s economy, had never forgotten to give back to society. Education is a crucial part of our nation’s future development. With the support of the provincial government of Fujian, Dongxing Securities’ education grant program is a way of catering to the government’s call to make donations to education and giving back to the educational system for cultivating talented young people.