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      2. Careers
        Our Staff
        Orient Youth
        COAMC Group Members
        COAMC Headquarter Organized “Floral Micro-landscaping” Event

        On March 6, COAMC Vice-President Li Xin and Vice-President Xin Xuedong attended headquarters’“Floral Micro-landscaping” International Working Women’s Day Celebration Event. The event was jointly organized by the Labor Union Office and the Youth League Committee.


        The event was well received by female employees, many of whom had never tried to design and make potted plants before. With warm and friendly ambiance, the two-hour event was a success. At first, participants were given landscaping pots, desert succulent plants, soil, sands and decorative fences, mushrooms and clay swans. Later on, under the instructions of professional landscapers, everyone used their imagination and designed their own micro-landscape pots. Many creative pots were made under themes such as “Love Story”, and “Beautiful Home”. With this event, COAMC hopes all hard-working female employeescan be as strong as desert flowers, beautiful as summer blossoms; and create their own wonderful poetry of life.


        General manager Wang Guangyuan, deputy manager Wang Xiangdong of the Labor Union Office, and Secretary of Youth League Committee and Assistant Manager of Discipline Inspection and Supervision Department Li Jiarui also attended the event.