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      2. Careers
        Our Staff
        Orient Youth
        COAMC Group Members
        Changsha Branch Held Training for “the Research on China’s Urbanization and Real Estate Market”

        On January 2, 2014, Changsha branch invited Director Ren Yipeng of the Urbanization Research Center of International Finance Forum to give a lecture on “China’s urbanization and real estate market”. Director Ren introduced and analyzed with profound theories China’s urbanization and real estate market in plain and simple language; he aired his view on the urban agglomeration development in Central China especially the Changsha-Zhuzou-Xiangtan region in Hunan province and gave his suggestions on COAMC’s real estate business. Finally, Director Ren interacted with staff from the Changsha branch on issues such as urban agglomeration in Central China. He analyzed important information of the real estate market from a prospective angle, and provided professional guidance to further enhance the performance of the branch in real estate projects.