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      2. Careers
        Our Staff
        Orient Youth
        COAMC Group Members
        Training Program on Asset Valuation by Merger & Acquisition Expert Luis Pereiro from HEC Paris

        On December 20 and December 21, 2013, Luis Pereiro, internationally-renowned expert from HEC Paris gave a two-day professional training on M&A asset valuation to COAMC employees. 35 employees from Orient Bangxin Capital, equity investment and investment banking departments took part in the live training, a number of employees from Bangxin Asset Management took part through video conferencing.

        Mr. Pereiro gave an in-depth talk on topics such as how to assess and negotiate the value of a company, how to track the financial performance, risk assessment and strategy making of an acquired company. Mr. Pereiro helped deepen the trainees’ understanding on related concepts and provided practical analysis tools with his rich professional knowledge and field experiences, and with a unique globalized view he dug into the strategies and logic behind the techniques in an M&A process. Professor Pereiro impressed the applauding audience with his professionalism and witted humor. After the training, Professor Pereiro awarded the trainees with course certificates.