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      2. Careers
        Our Staff
        Orient Youth
        COAMC Group Members
        Bangxin Asset Management Organized New Employee Orientation in November 2013

        From November 6 to November 8, 2013, Bangxin Asset Management organized the 2013 new employee orientation. Thirty-one new employees from Bangxin headquarters, Shenzhen branch office, and Shanghai Dongxing participated in the orientation. This event aimed at helping new employees adapt to company affairs and their jobs, regulate work behaviors, cultivate teamwork, facilitate the exchange between headquarters and branch offices and adjust to different development needs in the industry. Chairman Li Meiying, President Zhang Chunping, and Vice-President Yangguang attended the opening and closing ceremonies and delivered speeches.

        The orientation included indoor lessons and outdoor activities. Heads of different departments introduced the basic information and line of business of each department, and professional trainers gave the new employees a series of trainings under such themes as self and job recognition, emotion and stress management, team communication and construction, workplace etiquette, work ethics, etc.. As the survey showed, all of the new employees present were satisfied with the orientation.