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      2. Careers
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        Conference on the Launch of COAMC’s Commercial Business and CRM System was Convened

        From March 25, 2013 to March 31, 2013, the conference on the launch of COAMC’s commercial business and CRM system was convened in Beijing. Vice President Li Xin attended the conference and delivered her remarks. Vice President Li pointed out that the CRM system is of great significance to COAMC’s transformational development and its information-based and elaborate management. She also raised comprehensive and specific requirements to the application and management of the system, and the maintenance of information and data. Information technology department, asset management department, and credit enforcement and disposition review department made an introduction of the systematic functions, management requirements and regulations. Attendees from provincial branches and headquarters afterwards recorded and checked the data of existing commercial business projects. Commercial business and CRM system was launched on April 7, by which time all data and client information of new commercial businesses will be incorporated in the system.