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      2. News
        COAMC News
        COAMC Group Members
        China Orient Holds 2020 'Clean Orient' Financial Culture Forum

        In order to further implement the overall arrangements and deployments of the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team in CBIRC and the China Orient Party Committee on further promoting the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party and the building of party style and a clean government, China Orient has made great efforts to promote its clean financial culture building, continuously developed the 'Clean Orient' culture brand, and created a strong and clean corporate culture. On December 9 (International Anti-Corruption Day), China Orient held the Clean Financial Forum 2020, with the theme of 'The Building of a Clean Financial Culture and New Missions of Corporate Supervision and Discipline Execution in the New Era'. Professor Sun Xiaoli from the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C (National Academy of Governance) was invited to the forum as a guest. Comrade Qiu Baolin, Member of China Orient Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, Comrade Li Dan, Chief Information Officer, heads of related departments of the headquarters, as well as secretaries of the discipline committees of Bank of Dalian and of Beijing-based branches and subsidiaries of China Orient, as well as all staff members of the Discipline Inspection Committee of the headquartered were present at the meeting on site. Full-time discipline inspection cadres of branches and subsidiaries attended the video conference. 

        Comrade Qiu Baolin delivered an address and a keynote speech for this forum. He summarized and evaluated the coordinated advancement of China Orient's clean culture building pursued on a 'six-in-one' basis. Also, by centering on the core connotations of 'Clean Orient', Qiu proposed the 'nine-mutual relationship' to be advocated for facilitating the building of a clean financial culture in the Company, i.e. mutual cleanliness, mutual growth, mutual benefit, mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual assistance, mutual infiltration, mutual communication and mutual respect. The 'nine-mutual relationship' has established a visible and reachable standard for party members, cadres and all the other staff members, and pointed out directions and goals for the Company to further build a clean financial culture. It is an intensive reflection of the Company's Party Committee and Discipline Inspection Committee to fully implement relevant decisions and deployments of the Party Committee of CBIRC and the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team in CBIRC, correctly understand and comprehensively advance the principle of 'Don't dare to, cannot and don't want to be corrupt', unswervingly advance the comprehensive and strict governance of the Party and continuously purify political ecology.

        Professor Sun Xiaoli, from the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C (National Academy of Governance), exchanged and provided guidance on the theme of the forum, made an in-depth analysis of the unity and special relationship between clean culture building and clean financial culture building, explored and proposed the methods and suggestions on developing and building a clean financial culture based on the conditions for building such a culture.

        Discipline inspection committee secretaries from four organizations under China Orient, namely China Orient Beijing Branch, China Insurance, Bank of Dalian, Oriental Venture Capital and so forth, made exchanges and discussions on consolidating the working mechanism for the building of a clean financial culture, running through the development of main business, strengthening the prevention and control of corruption risks, and highlighting the cultural brand characteristics of 'Clean Orient', etc. by focusing on the clean financial culture building practice and in combination with the characteristics of the main business.

        In combination with this forum, all organizations under China Orient organized various forms of research activities around themes and achieved fruitful results. This forum was not only a seminar and mutual interaction meeting for clean culture building, but also a meeting to demonstrate the clean culture building research results of all organizations. It is of great significance for each organization to unify thoughts, improve awareness and improve their capabilities on the road to clean financial culture building. In the future, by taking this forum as an opportunity, China Orient will continue to strengthen the publicity and practice of 'Clean Orient' and 'Nine-mutual Relationship', to enhance the research and exploration on China Orient's clean financial culture building, to guide all organizations under China Orient to actively shoulder responsibilities and to positively develop a new situation for China Orient's clean financial culture building.