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        COAMC News
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        China Orient Releases 'Orient Win-win' Series Synergy Product

        On December 1, 2020, China Orient Asset Management Co., Ltd. Held the 1st Group Synergy Conference in Beijing, and released on site the first 'Orient Win-win' series synergy product.

        Wu Yue, Secretary of China Orient Party Committee and Chairman, stated at the press conference that deepening group synergy is an indispensable way to implement the strategic plans of China Orient by exploiting its advantage of multiple licenses and diversified business scope, creating unique competitive advantages, tapping potential resource value, and realizing long-term sustainable development of the Group. To this end, group synergy requires sustained, long-term efforts. We should work to provide comprehensive financial service for our clients by focusing on our main business and responsibilities, and adhere to the 'three-emphasis' strategy including the emphasis on long-term sustainable development. Also, in order to perform better in synergy, it is necessary for us to make sustained efforts, mobilize all staff members to work hard, work together to form group synergy, to promote the implementation of synergy business, to improve both quality and efficiency of synergy and to strength incentive mechanism construction, so as to improve the core competitiveness and brand influence of China Orient.

        In order to implement the work deployment of 'focusing on main business and responsibilities, serving the real economy' made by the CPC Central Committee and related requirements of regulatory authorities, China Orient has established the Group Synergy and Customer Management Department to focus on the main business of non-performing assets, give full play to the advantages of the full financial license, and combine multiple measures to better serve the real economy and facilitate corporate development. The 'Orient Win-win' series synergy product issued this time is the first self-synergy product of China Orient, featuring innovation, complexity, and market orientation. Based on different scenarios, this product organically combines the main business of non-performing assets and the advantages of licensed subsidiaries and develops a tool box for main business synergy, laying a solid foundation for better customer service and also injecting a strong impetus to the coordinated development of Group.

        Deng Zhiyi, President of China Orient, stated at the press conference that coordinated development represents a weapon for China Orient to improve its quality and efficiency and the inner requirement for the Company to return to its main business and responsibilities. It is necessary to hold high the banners of strategic synergy, digital synergy and full-member synergy, raise awareness and highlight products. In this way, we aim to realize the two-way in-depth integration of 'creating greater value for clients' and 'exploiting greater value from clients' and seek win-win and mutual benefits for clients and China Orient under the synergy mechanism of the Group.

        By taking the opportunity of issuing the first synergy product, China Orient will continuously intensify the effort to develop synergy products in the main business, deepen the '1+N' synergy model featuring the main business of non-performing assets and integrated financial service, and fulfill its mission as a state-owned financial institution in preventing and defusing financial risks, supporting supply-side structural reforms, and serving social and economic development.