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        China Orient Holds 2020 New Employee Training Class

        From November 9 to 12, 2020, China Orient held the 2020 New Employee Training Session in Beijing. Wu Yue, Secretary of China Orient Party Committee and Chairman, attended the opening ceremony of the class and delivered a speech.

        In his speech, Secretary Wu Yue reviewed China Orient's arduous journey all along the way and its great contributions to preserving the assets of the entire China as well as preventing and defusing financial risks. He analyzed the opportunities and challenges facing the Company, and introduced the development strategies and important work measures formulated by the Company. Secretary Wu proposed sincere hopes for new employees. Firstly, we should focus our efforts on the study and establish correct world views. Secondly, we should concentrate on practice and establish sound view of performance. Thirdly, we should make efforts on unity and establish a correct view of the overall situation. Fourthly, we should concentrate our efforts on self-discipline and establish a correct view of values. Wu encouraged young employees to study modestly, get started steadily, work earnestly, gain a strong foothold, and contribute their wisdom and talents to the Company for realizing its high-quality development and their life value.

        Lasting for 16 days, this new employee training was divided into two phases, namely online and offline phases. Heads of related departments of the headquarters, subsidiaries, and renowned professors from universities and experts from professional training institutions were invited to give lectures. Also, the Internal Control and Compliance Department, the Discipline Inspection Committee Office and the Office of Secrets Protection under the headquarters were arranged to give special lectures. Our training courses and activities increased new employees' understanding of China Orient's culture, business and related rules and regulations, helped them establish the awareness of rules and red lines, promoted their mutual communication and exchanges, and enabled them to get integrated with the big family of China Orient better.

        The opening ceremony was presided over by Comrade Yang Dong, Head of the Organization Department of China Orient Party Committee and General Manager of the Human Resources Department. More than 130 new employees from the departments, directly affiliated business divisions and branches of China Orient participated in the training.