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        COAMC News
        COAMC Group Members
        China Orient Holds 2020 'Clean Orient' Cultural Works Exhibition

        In order to implement the overall arrangements made by the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team in the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission regarding 'Clean Financial Culture Building' and further build the 'Clean Orient' culture brand, the 2020 'Clean China Orient' Cultural Works Exhibition, on the occasion of celebrating the 71st anniversary of the People's Republic of China was held at the hall on the first floor of the main building of China Orient on September 21, 2020. This exhibition was led by the Party Committee and the Discipline Inspection Committee of China Orient, and organized by the Office of the Discipline Inspection Committee, Publicity Department under the Party Committee and the Trade Union Office. Wu Yue, Secretary of China Orient Party Committee and Chairman, Deng Zhiyi, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, Gao Yuze, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Chief Supervisor, Qiu Baolin, Member of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee, Liang Qiang, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President, Assistant President Zhang Xiangdong, and Ding Jianping, Assistant President and Secretary of the Board, visited the site and gave instructions.

        More than 90 pieces of works were exhibited at the exhibition. All of them were original works from the cadres selected by the units affiliated to China Orient. Covering calligraphy, painting, sculpture, photography and other art forms, these works vividly express the value orientation of China Orient's employees, i.e. advocating honesty and morality and getting away from corruption. At the exhibition, online works exhibition and selection activities were organized on the Wechat official account of 'Clean Orient' at the same time with the aid of new internet media resources and information technology. Cadres and employees of China Orient, either online or offline, appreciated the anti-corruption culture art works and worked together to build a clean financial culture of China Orient.