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      2. News
        COAMC News
        COAMC Group Members
        China Orient Launches Civil Code Propaganda Activities

        Since the early of July, China Orient has launched the Civil Code propaganda activities, with a view to implementing the guiding principles of the important remark on Civil Code made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, strengthening the legal awareness of rule of law of cadre members of the Company and improving its business management in accordance with laws and regulations. These activities cover all cadre members of the whole Company, highlight the major significance of implementing the Civil Code, emphasize the organic combination of learning and applying laws and further improve the ability and level of cadre members of the Company to operate its main business by applying the thought and method of rule of law.

        Refining Propaganda and Deployment, Creating an Atmosphere of Law Popularization

        General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the Civil Code must be made known to and rooted in the mind of the public if well implemented. China Orient is increasing its effort to popularize and publicize the Civil Code and refine its propaganda and deployment. All units affiliated to the Company are requested to fully understand the great importance of the propaganda of the Civil Code, the profound influence of the Civil Code over the development of the main business of the Company, as well as practical significance of publicizing the Civil Code when the pandemic prevention and control action became normal, and to popularize and publicize the law at different levels through online and offline channels. For this purpose, China Orient made and issued to its affiliates several copies of text materials for learning and propaganda as well as video interpretation and propaganda materials. The units of the Company were authorized to play the Civil Code propaganda videos and slogans in a rolling way on the display screens of their office sites to make the Civil Code seen anywhere and learned anytime, thus create a good atmosphere of law popularization and propaganda in the Company.

        Offering themed trainings by focusing on main business

        The Civil Code is vital to regulating the property and trading relations as support of economic life and activities, upholding and improving the basic economic system of socialism and promoting the vigorous development of the socialist market. It also guides the direction of the main business and specific business models of China Orient. As of July 23, China Orient has organized a total of four online training sessions on the Civil Code. The trainings cover general provisions, property right system, security system, contract system and other fields in relation to the Civil Code, focus on the compilation highlights and major changes of relevant systems, and play a role of legal affairs related work guarantee and promotion.

        Expanding Law Propaganda Audiences, responding the Concerns from the Public

        In order to strengthen our understanding towards the important role of the Civil Code in life and health, property security, happy life, human dignity and other aspects, these activities aim to increase the breadth and depth of propaganda and directly benefit over one thousand persons, including on-the-job cadre members and retired cadres in Beijing. In July 24, the retired cadres of China Orient in Beijing organized a special Civil Code propaganda lecture, which covered marriage, family, heritage, infringement and other hot topics. They mainly answered the questions the participants were concerned about and guided everyone of then to realize that the Civil Code is not only a code to protect their rights and interests but also a norm to be complied with by all members of the society. They also encouraged all members to establish the awareness of consciously observing the law, form the habit of resorting to law if anything crops up and build the awareness and ability to solve problems by law.

        Next, China Orient will continue to organize various forms of Civil Code propaganda activities, increase its effort to propaganda the law, deepen the propaganda achievements and improve the legal accomplishments of all cadre members in the Company. China Orient will, by taking the opportunity of promulgating the Civil Code, bring the support role of the Civil Code in the robust operation and development of the Company, focus on and further develop its main business, and comprehensively fulfill its original aspiration and mission.