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        COAMC News
        COAMC Group Members
        China Orient Actively Deploys Work of Re-examining Efforts to Crack Down on Illegal Practices in Market

        On June 23, 2020, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) issued the Notice on Re-examining the Efforts to Crack down on the Illegal Practices in the Banking and Insurance Market and decided to re-examine the efforts to crack down on illegal practices in banking and insurance organizations. This work is an important move taken by the CBIRC in order to comprehensively implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, strictly put the 'six priorities' and 'stability in six areas ' into effect, consolidate and expand the achievements of illegal practice regulation and win a tough battle of preventing and resolving financial risks. China Orient attaches great importance to the work, make careful arrangements, refine plans, identify responsibilities and continuously advance each unit affiliated to the Company to re-examine their tasks with high quality ensured.

        Strengthening Organization and Leadership, Pursing Active Propaganda and Mobilization

        With political construction of the Party as guideline, China Orient established the Leading Group of Re-examining the Efforts to Crack Down on the Illegal Practices in the Market at different levels of the headquarters, branches and subsidiaries, implemented the 'top leader' responsibility system level by level, strengthened organizational leadership, identified major responsibilities, guided each line and each unit to enhance linkage, formed concerted efforts and put the work of re-examining the efforts to crack down the illegal practices into effect. Also, China orient forwarded regulatory documents at the first time, extensively conveyed and propagandized the guiding principles of regulation within the Group, made active mobilization and arrangements, and requested each unit to make early preparations so as to ensure the coordinated and orderly advancement of the work.

        Studying and Formulating Plans, Making Meticulous Arrangements

        By organizing the Party Committee Conference and the President's Office Meeting, China Orient carefully studied and formulated the Work Plan on Re-examining the Efforts of China Orient Asset Management Co, Ltd. to Crack Down on the Illegal Practices in the Market in 2020, implemented the regulatory requirements, identified the division of responsibilities, intensified work criteria and established time nodes. It has made overall arrangements on the work of reviewing the efforts to crack down on the illegal practices, investigation and regulation in key areas and internal control compliance system building, etc. since 2017. Also, the Company interpreted the key points of illegal practice regulation via Internal Control Compliance Information and other publications, sorted regulation policies and provided guidance for each unit to carry out effective investigation and regulation.

        Improving Long-acting Mechanism, Boosting High-quality Development

        By taking the work of re-examining the efforts to crack down the illegal practices as an important opportunity, China Orient will consolidate its effects, make continuous advancements, base on functional orientation, focus on main responsibilities and business, strengthen the building of a long-acting compliance mechanism, improve the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy, play the functions of financial relief and countercyclical tools, revitalize stocks, resolve risks, ensure the organic combination of dealing with illegal practices, preventing risks and stabilizing growth, and gradually create a new situation of high-quality development.